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Dude, where's my twin? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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love is in the air. [Feb. 17th, 2009|12:48 am]
[feeling |lovedloved]

'Today's the first proper 14th Feb i ever spent in my life, and it was great!   =)))'

This is what i posted last year 14th Feb.
This is what im posting this year.

I spent my second proper valentine in my life. And fortunately, with the same person! And it was better than last year! =))) Spending these two consecutive important days with the same person really makes us feel that our relationship is strong and going. Altho we're from diff schools and our differences between us, we managed to build such a great bond together, and today on the 16th, it'll be officially 11 months for us!!! 1 more month to our year anni   =)
Love you baby.
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Virgo 2009 [Feb. 10th, 2009|12:04 am]
[Current Location |Under the sea]

SUPERSTAR VIRGO, currently the biggest cruise in ASIA. 13 fucking storeys high. Its the 2nd time we're boarding it and this time its only 3D2N. And its $1600 for 5 ppl.

This cruise has a capacity of 2500 ppl, and for having such a big capacity, there's a fucking long queue to get onboard. Took us about an hour to get in. The crowd is multi racial. Malays from singapore, chinese from china and the most eyecandy sight is families spending time together. With the grandparents looking after their grandchildren and parents spending time together as a big family. The most eyecandy sight on the cruise are the children! There are alot of diff small kids onboard, some are treated like dogs on a leash, some are like freaking angels sitting in their baby prams, and some are just ACT CUTE BUAY CUTE who loves to make noise.

And yknow for us to get in, we all have to walk thru a small lane and in front there's a photographer with either a huge blue penguin or 2 americans in their prom attires. They forced us to take a pic with them and they are hoping to sell it back to us! Those cheebai desperate to make money sia. We aint buying no shit from them man.

We got rooms next to each other, our parents taking one room and the 3 of us taking another one, and the best part is we brought yu's speakers onboard and we blasted music to sleep on the first night.  Everything was great, the all you can eat chinese dinner, family time spent on the top deck exploring everything. The only bad thing was the saying goodbye part. It sucks to be unable to text or call xuan freely cos of the bills and the reception there. Had to restrict to 3 msges a day, even after reading the hourly msges from her. And i really appreciate them  =)

2nd morning woke up at 830. We went into the casino for the first time and IT SUCKS. Its all luck in there. For eg the poker is called CARRIBEAN POKER or some shit la. They'll open up all the cards and just see who's cards are better and the game's over like this. Another one is called CASINO WARS. The name sounds damn big deal but its just the dealer and player gets one card each. The better card wins. What the fuck?

After that we got off to Port Klang to get some snacks back onto the cruise. If you compare Port Klang and our Harbourfront Port, you'll understand how advanced singapore really is as compared to malaysia. Klang only has one pathetic shop but harbourfront has dozens. We played basketball on the court on the top deck of the cruise after that. Our mum also tried a few shots at the basket know?! And after she scored one she got so happy that she wanted to stop already. Played cards with our mum in the cabin after that. We watched an acrobatics performance by some group called SPORTS UNLIMITED. They are a bunch of fucking fit dudes man! Doing all kinds of stunts which are really quite amazing. After that was The Dark Knight in a small theatre. Its a great show even after a second time.

The best part is me and yu dragged our bro up to the top deck at about 2am to explore and take pictures. It was seriously a sight to remember. Just like what poets describe, the moonlight shining over the sea at night in the dark. It was crazily nice and REAL i tell you. Tried to take a picture but the camera cant capture that sight. We did lame ass jumpshots at the HELIPAD but it was fun! Pictures are below!

3rd day was just eating dim sum for breakfast and leaving the cruise in the afternoon.

Cruise never fails to make our family grow closer. Last year my bro didnt go, so its the 1st time for him this round.
P.S. My wheelchair pushing skill is of Class C, my bro calls my mum SUA KU all the time, yu's the navigator, my dad is the able to walk after a meal guy, and my mum is the always panic and SUA KU woman. And self timer jump shots are FUN!

And for my baby, altho 3D2N seems only a short period of time, i really missed you alot. Thanks for the hourly messages that you spent talking to yourself and telling me about your day, what you're doing and all. Really brightens me up when i read them. I love you.

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Andrew's Departure, 15th Dec. [Dec. 18th, 2008|12:59 am]

I guess we did something that we'd never done before, sending andrew off.
Altho he will only be gone for just 10days!
And we're the only idiots sending the whole extended family off.
Andrew should be honoured.

checkout louis's eyes and justin's hands     =)

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ZOUKOUT, 13th Dec 2008. [Dec. 18th, 2008|12:42 am]

ZoukOut 2008.
My first ever zoukout event. 10pm-6am.
And i must say its the best clubbing/MAMBO experience i ever had.

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18th [Nov. 20th, 2008|10:23 pm]

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO [Oct. 20th, 2008|12:29 am]
[feeling |ecstaticDAMN BOY]

for louis.

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fell for you. [Sep. 14th, 2008|01:36 am]
[feeling |lovedloved]

Xuan's birthday lasted for 4 days, as long as it concerns me        =)

10th's the real day.

After physics and maths paper, met xuan and her friends at mccafe first. Chilled for awhile then left for the old far east to have dinner at a restaurant called SHASHLIK. Damn the waiters sure are old, and fucking guai lan grumpy too.

Cabbed down to Zouk after the meal and i officially went Mambo for the first time! Had a great time, seriously. Never thot i would be able to dance along with so many strangers under one roof. cos it was always in a chalet filled with smoke and boys. HAHA.

It was also the first time seeing xuan so close to getting wasted. Abit uncool but im glad that i was there. Mambo-ed till club closed, at about 4+am. Felt fucking tired after that sia. Drank quite abit and mambo-ed. Went over to marcus's place followed by jill's place to sleep till i left for school to take my bloody chem paper 1. Fucking waste of time, but it was also the stress freeiest prelim paper i tell you. Chem MCQ=tikam. HAHA. 2 redbulls helped me out though.

Friday night, surprise day. In the end didnt came out as planned. Felt abit fucked up with myself, but somebody tried her best to cheer me up. Thank you baby <3 Hope you really loved the surprise!

Saturday, lets not go into every single detail (HAHA) but watched 'forgetting sarah marshall'. Really loved the day spent with xuan, and her special MONOCHROME today     =))))

Happy 18th birthday baby.
I love you.

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WHATS GOING ON! [Aug. 31st, 2008|11:41 pm]
[feeling |cheerfulDAMN BOY!]
[DJ pick |I said 'HEY']

Happy birthday to my bro joe. Great chalet, great drinks, dancing, everything.
One heck of a night.
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TOTO [Jul. 9th, 2008|10:16 pm]
[feeling |workingworking]
[DJ pick |Home Sweet Home, Motley Crue]

Jye => Maths: U, Econs: U, Chem: U, Physics: U, GP: S

Yu => Maths: U, Econs: U, Chem: U, Physics: U, GP: E

Mum's reaction (in chinese) : 
This is worst than TOTO, cant even pass ONE(excluding GP)!  HAHAHAHA. 

To our mum, the results she received are    eUUUUUUUUs.   Totally not cool. Although she just laughed it off after hearing them, we know that she's disappointed, very disapponted. 

I hope the boys will understand why we're chilling with them alot less at the cc or at our house. Sorry bros. 

we both gotta buck up yeah? do it for ourselves and for the ones who care. 
and pls dont say whateverrrr. HAHA.
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sweetest of the sweetest. [Jul. 5th, 2008|01:13 am]
[feeling |lovedloved]

indescribable feeling.
sweetest surprise.
All i can say is thank you and i love you baby. Really.           =)
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